What We Do

Call it brand journalism, corporate journalism, service journalism, editorial strategy, content creation or whatever newfangled term is hot today. We simply tell quality stories that connect your organization with its key audiences. We’ve been doing this since 2007. Our clients include corporations, governments and not-for-profits.
News organizations are shrinking, disrupting the success of your communication strategy. We fill that gap by becoming your newsroom, ensuring your stories are covered. We use video, infographics, podcasts and a range of other in-house tools. Our services are complementary to your communication, public relations and marketing teams.


We’ll discover what you want to communicate and take care of your story from concept to production, amplification and beyond.
⊙ Project management
⊙ Define message
⊙ Define feeling
⊙ Identify audience
⊙ Determine communication route
⊙ Plan campaign
     • Communication strategy
     • Digital marketing strategy
     • Social media strategy


With many ways to communicate your message, we’ll identify the best medium to help connect to your audience. Strategy is baked right in.


Life is unscripted and sometimes so is video production. Our team’s background in news, features and documentaries has made us experts in capturing live and authentic situations. Our videos include real people – those who actually do the job and experience the real life story we’re telling. Our team has the vision to craft your story in advance – script or no script, live or on a set. As you’ll notice, we work in French too. We also offer captioning and descriptive video.
Audio & podcast


Our microphone is on and audio levels are good, come join our hosts in studio for a chance to speak to your expertise. Alternatively, we can craft a story based on authentic sounds we capture outside of the studio. We have experts who can produce, record and edit podcasts in a variety of different styles.


Whether it’s in studio or on location, we’re skilled in portrait, product, event and action photography. We excel at capturing authentic moments that effectively communicate your story.


Formal, business, or conversational, we’ll quickly discover your style and write to your audience. We’ll write remarkable stories in the voice, personality and style you need.
Blogs, newsletters, or print, we write tailored content.
French services

French services

Nous fournissons des services de contenu numérique complets en français à un niveau national pour répondre aux besoins des francophones dans des contextes minoritaires ainsi que le marché Québecois. Nos services en français vont au-delà la simple traduction et le sous-titrage de vidéos. Nos producteurs approchent le processus créatif et la production vidéo entièrement en français pour s’assurer de bien refléter la culture francophone de différentes communautés.
We provide clients with full digital content services in French at a national level, serving francophones in minority contexts, as well as the Quebec market. Our French services go beyond simple translation and video dubbing. Our producers approach the creative process and video production entirely in French, in order to accurately reflect the francophone culture in different communities.
Illustration & animation

Animation & illustration

Make your message come alive through illustration and animation. We’ve worked with white boards, stop-motion, animation and illustration. Need an explainer video? We can take the complex and make it easy to understand using motion graphics. A medical illustration expert is also ready to help with images that are more technical and complex. Our work has appeared in magazines, print and video, each crafted to fit the company’s brand. Our easy process means we can also work remotely to create your vision.


Data meet visuals. We’re here to help explain your data in a way that tells a compelling story and resonates with your audience. We can take the complicated then make it understandable and memorable.
Website creation

Website creation

We’re there every step of the way, working closely with you to create websites that resonate and connect with your audiences. We strategize, design, build, implement and maintain interactive online channels that meet the needs of both our clients and their community. We craft websites with longevity – platforms that not only answer your audiences’ needs today, but in the future too.
Graphic design

Graphic design

Our team is pixel and picture perfect — we craft innovative visuals for both digital and traditional mediums. Some of our specialities include illustration and motion graphics, creating marketing materials and key branding assets. Whether you’re starting from scratch, thinking about a new visual identity or just looking for simple additions to your website, we’re a one-stop shop for all your creative needs.
Social media

Social media

140 characters or less? No problem. We’re skilled in crafting campaigns and content for social media platforms including Facebook, Vine and, of course, Twitter. Whether you want increased engagement or a growth in followers, we can help. Our strategists can also hold workshops for you or your team to help maximize your online presence.


We know where your audience is, and reach them there and beyond.
⊙ Transmedia
We can take what’s previously been produced and repurpose for another medium. Or multiple media.⊙  Resonate
⊙  Media relations
⊙  Social media broadcasting
⊙  Media broadcasting
⊙  Knowledge mobilization