Her Story

Her Story is a podcast about Canadian women, owning it. It has been featured on the Huffington Post and won gold in the 2015 MarCom Awards for podcasting.

Episode 1 – Athletics

Victoria Nolan is a paralympian who says rowing helped rebuild her confidence after losing nearly all her sight. We explore the power of physical activity and its connection to mental health.

Episode 2 – Well-being

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your health is quit your job. Sarah Vermunt is a career coach who says she sees it all the time: people who are ill because they are so unhappy in their workplace. Hear how she’s helping people in this episode of Her Story.

Episode 3 – Politics

Beatriz Alas’s uncle went out to vote and never returned. It happened decades ago in her home country of El Salvador, but it is an incident that taught her the value of civic rights at a young age. In this episode of Her Story, we hear from Alas and take a look at women’s voice in Canada’s political system as voters and as leaders.

Episode 4 – Advice

Each week, tens of thousands of readers rely on Ellie Tesher to be their unbiased voice of reason. In the latest episode of Her Story, MediaFace finds out the history of advice columns, Ellie’s family history in the business and the best pieces of advice she’s given (and received).

Episode 5 – Comedy

What makes us laugh? And in the world of stand-up comedy, does the person delivering the joke influence how audiences react? We delve into the science of funny and talk to Debra DiGiovanni about what it’s like to be a female comedian.